Police Women Ordered to Groom More Appropriately

The Police Chief Commissioner of Victoria, Australia, has ordered that all serving police women must observe new grooming standards or face disciplinary action.

The new grooming standards stipulate that a police woman’s appearance must conform to a simpler and cleaner appearance – specifically concerning any visible hair.

These new standards have been legally challenged in civil court (VCAT) by 16 police women. The argument was made that the new standards will force police women to cut their hair much shorter than commonly required for a professional appearance in the community at large. This legal challenge was dismissed and the court ruled that hair is not a protected form of physical expression. The police women are considering appealing to the Supreme Court.

The Reality

  • The changes to grooming standard applies to police men only
  • The change means that police men can only wear mustaches according to very strict criteria. Any deviation will not be tolerated.
  • These changes have forced many police men to alter their appearance (their characteristic “look”) that some have maintained for 10 years or more (that affects their personal lives.)
  • Consider what the feminist response would have been if it was the police women’s grooming standard that was made stricter (instead of the men’s). A standard that had been considered perfectly professional for a decade or more and was suddenly changed to the extent of causing women distress and anxiety, affecting their appearance that would prevail outside of their work environment.
  • Since this decision only affects men, very few people noticed or cared. Certainly not a peep from feminists to insist on equality.
  • In fact, the police men’s efforts to resist this change was often ridiculed and compared to being more of a “fashion statement” than any real concern.
  • So, where are the feminists who claim to fight for equality for women and men? Perhaps they’re still busy doing Slut-Walks across the globe after a police officer in Toronto (Canada) suggested how women could dress.

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