I Bathe in Women’s Tears! :)

A time to rejoice in women’s misery.

I breathe the air of misogyny!

The Reality:

  • This is a feminist concept, i.e. “I breathe the air of misogyny” is fictitious – you will never see it in real life (it would be shut down within a day if it dared try to exist.) However, feminists gleefully exclaim “I breathe the air of misandry!” (see the screen capture of the T-Shirt form below)
  • The actual T-Shirt quote (yes, feminists have made this into a T-Shirt) proudly modeled by mainstream feminist Jessica Valenti says “I BATHE IN MALE TEARS” https://twitter.com/jessicavalenti/status/494591618519805953 . Sounds about as funny as a rape joke, right? Yay, feminism!
  • You can order your feminist (misandry) T-Shirt right here at http://www.lookhuman.com/design/33890-i-bathe-in-male-tears
  • It must feel really good to be a feminist – to have so much hate and hypocrisy in your heart (/sarcasm! Seriously, how do feminists sleep at night?)
  • Images from above two references reproduced below, under Fair Use policy:

Jessica Valenti Male Tearsmale-tears-t-shirts



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