Facebook App For Rating Women’s Sexual Performance

A Facebook App, known as “Louie”, has become widely popular. Put simply, it’s an app exclusively for men that allows its member to rate women on a number of criteria such as sexual performance, appearance, financial status and other traits such as “sluttiness”.

The women being rated do not even know that they have been rated, or that their photo’s and personal details are being shared within the Louie network!

The way it works is that whenever a man joins the Louie network, all of his female Facebook friends’ photo’s and their general details are automatically imported into the Louie network. The women’s photo’s are then advertised to the men in the network along the lines “Do you know any of these women? Would you care to rate them for your brothers?”

The network is proving very popular with the guys. William, a recent member, said “It’s great, I don’t need to waste time wining and dining a girl if I already know she’s gonna be a dud.”

Far from being shunned, this network has received crowd-source funding and has continued to grow.

The Reality…

  • The “Louie” network does not exist, however, “Lulu” does – and it is for women to rate men. Wikipedia.
  • If “Louie” did exist then feminist outrage would be deafening and, as mentioned in several media articles, it would not be tolerated. Slate. Forbes. It is just another example of where feminism’s claim to advocate equality (and presumably dignity) for women and men is just not true. Feminism is sexism. Egalitarian is best!
  • Networks such as Lulu┬ásets up the normalization of anonymous online revenge. After all, Apple endorses anonymous sexual ratings of people, without their knowledge or consent, by making Lulu available for download through iTunes (shame on you Apple). Perhaps a man who feels slandered on a network such as Lulu will now feel justified in publishing revenge porn as payback. Where does it end?
  • Suggestion to men – if you discover that a woman you know is a Lulu user, it is a major red flag regarding her character.

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