Commenting Policy

Feminist Mirror is a proudly male biased website with content tailored to men. We encourage lively debate and conversation around our stories and while all opinions are welcome – we also have some guidelines to make sure everyone is treated with the respect they deserve…

The Reality…

  • This web site is not biased to any gender, although we are appalled by the rampant hypocrisy of feminists.
  • The sexist commenting policy has been copied (under fair-use) from the ‘Daily Life’ section of The Age. A screen-grab of the introduction to their “Commenting Policy” is shown below. Feminists would be outraged to read a sexist policy such as the satirical version above (favoring men). However, whenever a policy favors women then feminists regard it as anything from acceptable, normal or even expected. Daily Life is featured on the homepage of The Age, approximately half-way down where you can read incessant feminist ranting and complaining every day.
  • The real Commenting Policy on this site is that all comments are moderated. We have a zero tolerance of hate speech (so misandrists and misogynists can go elsewhere.)